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Who hasn’t tried them? Hands up. Well aren’t you behind the curve, pal? They are the it thing in beauty right now. Scratch that – they were the IT thing ages ago. I’m probably slightly behind the curve myself. Question is are they effective and how to choose them?

Answer to question 2: doesn’t matter, just pick one – Korean or Japanese.  All the ones I tried had pretty much the same – positive- result. Beauty sites around the world have been cottoning up to the Asian beauty trend and have been gradually introducing offerings in their ranges.  Asian stars swear by them – Fan Bingbing apparently said she can get though 600 masks a year. That’s more or less one a day and every other day two a day. Dayum.

I tried the regular hyaluronic acid mask, the snail residue mask, the black mask of indeterminate contents (and executioner’s demeanor), acai extract, green tea, Pitera and returning starfish extract.  I tried Holika Holika, The face Shop, Missha, SKII, Scinic, Mizon and a few other less known brands. They each had a soothing, silkening effect on the skin.  The one mask that was unbearable because of the smell was the Missha Pomegranate one. Probably bad luck.


I don’t know if it’s because I tried Mizon’s starfish extract one last and I remembered the effects better, but it seemed to leave my skin the most moist. MOIST. Moist and plump! Even my fine lines under the eyes were diminished. So I gotta declare this one the winner. The downside is that it’s the most expensive at the bunch at £7.50 for one use only. Find it at

For other Asian treats, try for those readers living in the UK. The rest of the masks cost around £3-5.

So yeah, saving up for the bloody star fish now if I want to keep up with Fan Bingbing…

The things we do for beauty!

The things we do for beauty!