Best Perfumes of 2013

Violette Fumee

…according to me.

2013 was a good year in terms of discovering interesting perfumes, but I suffered an extended period of fragrance fatigue, and I don’t mean just smelling but reading and learning about it too. There were so many new launches  that it felt I was never going to get to the bottom of the pile. Throw in a more than a cursory interest in beauty, and you’ve got a headcase scenario where reality, discipline and time collide. But I digress. This past year I’ve found quite a few splendid perfumes:

Mona di Orio Nombres d’Or Violette Fumee – This was an unexpected surprise. I only smelled it once but it still haunts my dreams. The smokiest, most seductive violet that touched my nostrils.

Tom Ford Shanghai Lily – An elegant offering, that doesn’t really reach super exotic levels. It reinvents the regal lily as something not overpowering but extremely indelible.

Bottega Veneta Eau Legere – whenever I’m in a store and decide to dab this one more time just so I have something to cut from my buying list, it reinforces my desire to own it. Simply irresistible and personal, like a translucent layer of skin.

Hermes Jour d’Hermes – I still fawn over this when I smell it. It’s so simple and yet so divine. a testament to the transformative power of smell, as it translates molecules into light.

Looking forward to this year’s batch of genius compositions!