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Bohemian Naturals Amber Rose

You can’t rush love they say. Or can you? Newish Scotland-based perfume line Bohemian Naturals has three products out that are perfect for the hippie in your life. And they’re slightly magical. OK, I mean that in the metaphorical sense. They have no supernatural properties whatsoever but they do bring a little bit of international adventure in one’s life.

First of all, the packaging is gorgeous. The elegant black box with a splash of red label (for Amber Rose) hides an even nicer silk pouch containing the perfume bottle. Second, the actual scent is fa-bu-lous. The tiny roll-on top gives you just enough so you don’t overspray yourself. The downside is that I thought for the longest time it’s an oil-based perfume, when it clearly states it’s communing with an organic alcohol. It’s clear from the first impression that the line creator, Shannon Victoria has put a lot of heart into this.

Amber Rose

Indian Davana, Thai Sunshine and Amber Rose are three little gems blending exotic essences and orchid extract. Indian Davana finds a great balance between  sandalwood and patchouli – tipping to the edge just enough spice that a Westerner can take it but strong enough that it’s authentically subcontinental. Thai Sunshine is a joyous mix of Far East spices that delightfully trick you into thinking you’re about to experience a Thai dessert – the easy blend of lemongrass, ginger and lime are sweetened by mysterious resins. It’s all around happy times with these two.

Amber Rose is their serious elder sister, the no-nonsense gal of the three. It’s got a smooth balance between a transparent rose and a fiery amber, a light side and a dark side cohabiting under one roof. Will take you from day to night. Better as a cold weather perfume unlike her two siblings.

You can get it on the Bohemian Naturals website for a song at £30.

Amber Rose