Candles to keep you warm this season

Tis the season to light up a candle and no, I don’t mean for your sins, but to cheer up your house and warm up your soul. Those long rains, cloudy skies and possible snows are not your friend. You want the illusion of a great adventure while you’re sipping your tea away? Get a few candles. There are some very appropriate ones for this season.

One brand in particular, Jardins d’Ecrivains, has launched the Dickens (think not poverty, social injustice, child exploitation and abuse but cozy holidays by the fire) a spirited little thing that will snap you out of it. It’s got a robust mandarin pop to it, rounding up a very delicate oud and some discreet spices. It’s like a fresh evergreen party with a twinge of summer. It doesn’t fail in cheering me up, whenever I light it. I feel like I’m breathing in fresh air while hiking through high altitude forests. You can snap it for £60 at the Conran Shop. Hurry, it’s a limited edition.

Orla Kiely has a candle called Rhubarb, a sweet lemon cake that will tide you over nicely. A stray herbaceous fig completes the feeling of summer. You can almost feel the breeze on the Dalmatian coast. The cute glass container in a typical Kiely pattern adds to its whimsical charm.  You can find it at John Lewis for the reasonable price of £24.

Another perennial favorite that I don’t mention nearly enough is Miller Harris, the English perfumer. Her crisp green style is theoretically antithetic to what I generally like (warmer, more opulent scents), but there’s just something about it that makes my nose sing. Anyway, I snapped myself a wonderful candle rendition of her Figue Amere fragrance and I love it.  It’s a bitter fig daring you not to like its abrasive nature, paired with a wonderful buttery iris that gives it charm. Find it on Miller Harris’ own website for £40.