Cire Trudon, mon amour

Some people burn the candle at both ends. And some, like me wait for ages until they find the candle to be burned at both ends. If I could, I would light up my Cire Trudon day and night, top and bottom and even sideways. I can’t get enough of its scent.


cire otto1 Cire

I’d been circling the brand for a few years, stealing sniffs from under those bell jars, stealing glances at their beautiful green glass  and this Christmas I took the plunge and asked my husband to buy it for me. Question was ‘which one to pick?’ They all smelled dreamy. Nazareth and Abd El Kader seem most successful with perfumistas. However, in the light of our recent trip to Istanbul and my on/off obsession with all things Ottoman court, I chose one of their latest additions to the line, Ottoman.

The notes listed are leather, tobacco mixed with rose and jasmine, honey and spices and for the first time in the history of my nose, I can actually smell all those notes, not separately but I can see how in the big scheme of things they each contribute to this harmonious scent. The rose may be more prominent than the rest, but in a benevolent sultana sort of way where she lets the members of her retinue shine from time to time.

burning Ottoman

That being said, the CT candle is the first that showed me what scent projection looks like, what a quality candle should accomplish and made me feel like a card carrying adult. It can scent an entire room for long after it’s been snuffed.

Cire Trudon has had a fascinating history starting with 1643 in Paris, a mere 5 years after the birth of Louis XIV, the Sun King. It is perhaps its development throughout the centuries that informs its scents today, inspired by significant places and moments in time. As Ramdane Touhami, its creative director since 2007, says in an Oryx Magazine article “Cire Trudon doesn’t smell like perfume like other candles. We do smells…like Versailles…it’s not like perfume. It has nothing to do with making people happy…we don’t want to make people happy….Don’t expect something like perfume. We do smells.” And smells they do. Delirious, engaging, addictive smells that I dare say make people happy.

Their London boutique is at 36 Chiltern Street W1U 7QJ. But you can also get them from Liberty, Harrods and Selfridges.

The question is: what should I get next?

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