Clayspray Glow

Clayspray Glow

In which it’s proven to me once again that dirty, dirty clay can make a world of difference on your face. NEW! AMAZING! SUPER! clay mask dispensed from a spray can captured my heart, and a bit of my nose. I tried the Clayspray Glow for normal to combination skin, which is composed 60-65% of red clay mined from a secret location mixed with cocoa seed powder. It’s basically a cocktail of iron, silica, magnesium and other skin-enhancing and dead-skin cell stripping minerals.

I will not get into the science, but I have to say my dull skin perked up like a cat that saw a canary after using it. The one fault I found with it was that I couldn’t quite calibrate the amount of mask that was released by the dispenser. It basically came out in one big plop as seen below, not like a spray the way the name suggests.

Claysprayed a bit too much

This being said, the amount provided the perfect coverage, with no leftover. Please note it’s very messy and it looks like a toddler decided to spread his no. 2 on your face while you were asleep. But on the upside, it smells a lot like hot chocolate and your senses get confused as your brain tells you you should lick this thing. “Yummy! Try me!” I wouldn’t. Pretty sure our digestive system is not equipped for what is basically dirt and cacao. It hardens fairly quickly once applied and the results are baby bottom smoothness.

It’s free of preservatives and parabens. You can get your hands on it from for £44.5 for 125ml or from the Spanish company’s website.

Clayspray dispenser