Creed’s Love in Black

Creed Love in Black

On my journey discovering violet in perfumery, I stumbled upon Creed’s Love in Black, a great floral oriental. The listed notes are an amalgam of violets, rose, blackcurrant, cloves and iris. Some places list cedar as a note, but I frankly don’t catch any woodiness in this.

At first spritz, Love in Black, or LIB, is a jammy, delicious currant.  So far, so innocent and sweet. But this is a tricky pony. As soon as it draws you in with its seeming innocuousness, the wild side in it comes out to play. It starts smelling more like a sweaty panther – all musk and tangled fur – that is playfully asking you to scratch its belly in a flowery meadow. This thing is a wild animal that makes you think it wants to be tamed. That is an illusion. You cannot tame it and you cannot be cavalier around it. Love in Black stays close to the skin but whoever comes close enough will fall in thrall of this beautiful creature too.

The perfume – said to be inspired by Jackie Kennedy – was launched in 2008 and was created by Olivier and Erwin Creed, of the Creed house. It retails for £158 for 75ml and you can find it at any of the big department stores.creed love in black creed love in black