Davines, where great hair meets great scent

I am really bad with hair. It’s the most puzzling appendix ever given to man (but especially to woman). One must constantly chop it, wash it, style it, vacuum it from the various nooks and crannies it falls onto. As a lady, the process is tenfold more time-consuming and expensive because hair will make you or break you. What can I say, it’s a real pain for those of us who are hopelessly untalented or ungifted with good hair.

Italian brand Davines has got the answer to some of your problems (clearly the answer to all the problems is 42). The Naturaltech Well Being shampoo and conditioner have the funkiest bottle labels (birds!?) around and the nicest results. They’ve also got the most striking/alluring smell, like a grove of summer flowers that cover up a hidden chemist’s laboratory. Yes, you don’t feel like you’re washing your hair with papaya or pears (eeew) but with a secret youth spring water. The hair is bouncy and shiny and that’s all it’s gotta be. For health nuts, it’s got the added benefit of containing echinacea, so you feel like you’re actually treating your scalp to more than just a wash.

Another great find from Davines is their nectar for hair and body. With no parabens, sulphates and other crap beauty conglomerates use for our beloved skincare/makeup/fragrances nowadays, it has carthame oil. Using it feels like you’ve stolen ambrosia from the gods and you’re  dousing yourself with impunity like a philistine.

The shampoo in 250ml can be found for £12.50 at cultbeauty.co.uk, while the conditioner goes for £13.10 and the nectar for £18.35.

Photos mine.