Diptyque L’art du Soin for the Face line review

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The French know how to do chic. They know how to do skincare. They know how to do fragrance that sweeps you off your feet. So why not do perfectly scented skincare that sweeps you off your feet?

According to their marketing director, Miryam Badault, Diptyque realized they were throwing away a lot of byproducts from their candle/perfume production that still had pharmaceutical properties. And so the idea of the skincare line was born. Having the experience of doing a well-received body care line, they jumped head first into a lengthy process that saw the launch of 5 new products. And boy, are they criminally good? So good in fact, that I’ve been using them for more than half a year just to make sure they deliver in the long run and that I won’t get bored of them. I did like some more than the others, but overall it’s a fantastic addition to the beauty shelves (cupboards, rooms) of any self-respecting beauty junkie.

What started as something I completely ignored in the beginning because I found them gimmicky were the Diptyque Boosting Powder and the Cleansing Balm. From a skincare perspective, the balm does remove a lot of grime and dirt and the powder, used as a light exfoliant, cleans out the surface of the skin and leaves it tight and glowy. However, where it’s really at is the scent of both these gorgeous products (which makes me think they might be slight irritants). The balm is just amazing to put you to sleep. Not because it’s got any sleep-inducing properties but because it’s just beautiful and relaxing.

The Infused Facial Water is all about roses. It just feels nice to take a cotton pad, spray it and cleanse your face in the morning. Gives an aromatic kick to the day. What’s really great is that it works mixed with the previous two products – one way to boost the fragrance of the lot.

Now, the Multi-Use Exfoliating Clay is the product that I instantly fell in love with when first presented with the line. It’s got an amazing texture and a great rice powder scent feels very luxurious. You can either use it as a light exfoliant with a thin layer or you can use it as a mask by slapping it and leaving it on. As most clay masks it acts by drawing out the oils and impurities on the skin surface, leaving it smooth and flawless – I have combination skin, so this worked wonders.

Now, this product turned out to be the tricky one. I took some of it in a tiny pot travelling and I tried using the leftovers in the said pot a few weeks after returning from travels. It was hard already. Meanwhile in the original pot some sort of bacteria had started to form on top. Don’t know if I had spectacularly dirty hands, or there was another external cause to this issue. A smaller pot for this would be more adequate and a method of dispensing it without one having to stick one’s fingers in it would be a much better bet.

The Protective Moisturising Lotion I didn’t care about very much. Although it supposedly smells of orange blossom, all I can sniff is a detergent-type of note. I generally have this problem with orange blossom – some molecules, versions or formulations of it just don’t sit well with my nose. I am sure other people think it’s lovely. Otherwise, the texture is perfect, it sinks into the skin and does its job.

Prices range between £35-£44.

You can find these amazing products – and they are – on the Diptyque Paris website, Liberty,  and SpaceNK.

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