Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for the Lips


Emergency, paging Dr. Lipp!

Emergency, paging Dr. Lipp!

As with any overly hyped products, I always get excited, hopeful and curious. As English weather cracks my lips with the strength of a thousand figurative suns (I probably eat a full set of lip skin every 12 hours), could this little helper be their saviour?

It turns out, it’s complicated. It’s yes, no and maybe. While the oily gelatinous lotion did keep the moisture locked in for a while, it didn’t really turn water into wine in the long run and didn’t completely prevent the unsightly skin peeling. It also turns out it’s 100% “medical grade” lanolin, so basically purified sheep wool grease.

In terms of marketing, this reminds me of beauty industry pioneer Helena Rubinstein who sold her all purpose face cream (basically made of lanolin and essential oils) “Valaze by Dr. Lykuski the most celebrated European skin specialist” when she landed in Australia. According to Ruth Brandon’s “Ugly Beauty,” Rubinstein had found the “original Valaze formula among a heap of old papers in the cellar of her Paris home.” But marketing is king and it seems like one of Rubinstein’s early business discoveries still holds today: “in beauty business high prices do not deter sales. On the contrary – if one of her lines failed to sell, Madame would raise the price, and sales would miraculously increase.”

So there you have it. You can either spend £11 for 15ml of sleek design or choose the less glamorous, less PRed alternatives.