Ellis Faas Hot Lips

Ellis Faas hot lips in hot fuchsia

No one can accuse Ellis Faas of going with the crowd when it comes to her brand. And what a nice difference that makes! The Dutch makeup artist’s latest addition to her eponymous line of cosmetics is the aptly titled Hot Lips collection – a series of nine blue-based hues that will take your look to the next level.

They are: L401 (Bright Red), L402 (Bright Orange), L403 (Bright Fuchsia), L404 (Fluo Pink), L405 (Bright Coral), L406 (Rose Violet), L407 (Deep Pink), L408 (Baby Pink), L409 (Pink Nude). I mean how gorgeous do they look in the swatches below?

Very hot!

Very hot!

In theory I loved aaalll of them. In practice, I only tried two: Fluorescent Pink and Deep Pink  because this is how I roll. The pigment is amazingly strong – when using the fingers to do a stain, they smudged with such a durable color, that I thought I’d have to use turpentine to clean them. It has incredible staying power and it does transfer quite a bit in the beginning but the longer you allow the color to settle, the longer you’ll keep it on the lip. It also has a bit of vanilla flavor but it’s nothing too distracting.

The finish is a nice, sexy semi-matte that becomes matter with time on me. These are not girly, sweet lipsticks – they are full on, vamp on the move, I can kill you with a smile.

Ellis hot Lips right here

The elegant design, a metallic pen you keep twisting to get the ink out, is simply cool – a functional yet sleek tool. The danger is of course over-twisting the mechanism and getting too much color out. The space between the applicator and the cap is large enough that it wouldn’t cause any inner mess in such a case. Also the product can just be transferred to lips with a lip brush.

Available for £22/$35 at Liberty and online at Net-a-Porter.com.

Ellis applicator