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Eye of Horus

Eye of Horus is a beauty company founded in Australia by four friends – Holly, Nicole and Heather Spierings joined forces with Amy Lennane. Their make-up products already have a cult following in the Asia Pacific region and with good reason. Derived from natural ingredients and with gentle-on-the-eyes formulations, Eye of Horus’ initial range of products consists of the ‘Goddess Mascara’, ‘Liquid Define’ and ‘Goddess Pencils’.

Amy and Holly

Holly Spierings, one of the four founders, took time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions about the brand and about her beauty secrets.

When did you realize beauty is a big part of your life?

For as long as I remember I would watch my mother apply her makeup, I would sometime sneak into her bathroom and use her precious blue eye shadow (in the 80s!).
I have always had a fascination for anything Egyptian. Their goddesses embodied poise, style and beauty 4000 years ago. It was natural to wear makeup daily, with dark Khol and Galena, a type of green pigment made from copper and other minerals. You could say they were the first to use mineral makeup. They used beautiful waxes and oils to moisturise like Moringa Oil and Cleopatra is said to have bathed in soured milk, which we now know was like a giant Lactic Peel!

What is your daily beauty ritual?
I start with a good run along the beach. I’m lucky to live in a pristine surf area, which is all cliffs and sea. Then it’s to the shower and I cannot live without my daily exfoliant. ONE Skin System Active C Scrub is the best I’ve ever used- it literally “zings” my skin to life. It’s dry and you activate it with water – brilliant. Then follow with a sun protective moisturiser and my skin is prepped for my makeup which is usually a tinted zinc, a little bronzer and Eye of Horus Eyes – I love experimenting each day with a different look.

If you could pick one product you couldn’t live without (not an Eye of Horus product), which one would it be?
Apart from my Active C Scrub, I’d have to say Tinted Zinc with 30+ SPF. I wear it every day to protect from UVA & UVB as the sun us very harsh in Australia.

Your favourite Eye of Horus product is…
Absolutely too hard! But if I had to pick one, I’d have to say the Goddess Mascara – I have fine, light coloured lashes and without mascara I look anaemic! Plus I have very sensitive eyes and most other mascara’s cause watering red eyes.

There’s four of you. Are you always in agreement about the products you need to launch? Do each of you have your own preferences when it comes what should come next?
It does sound a bit unreal, but we do have this strange connection where we instinctively know what is needed next. I guess I am most responsible for product development, as my role is more in research and marketing but we all have our input and strengths. Amy is more connected to makeup artists and bloggers so can contribute the trends, Nic is connected to our retailers so knows what they are looking for, and Hes has the older woman experience and can bring some sanity to our ideas. So it just flows.

Why did you choose Egyptian mythology? Is there anything we can learn from those times in terms of beauty?
So much! Not just how to apply makeup, but how to look after our bodies, how to adorn with crystals that offer protection etc. The black Kohl they used on their eyes, even their babies, had lead as an ingredient. Usually this is toxic, but recent studies have shown it was in a perfect percentage to be a bacterial antidote to the bacteria that plagued the towns along the Nile when it flooded in the wet season.

EOH Awaken The Goddess

Your beauty motto
It’s the Eye of Horus catchphrase – its actually registered with trademark. “Awaken the Goddess Within ® ”

So there you have it. Eye of Horus products are available online.

EOH girls