Face Palette from Topshop

If you need a palette in your drawer at the office for the quick touch up – Topshop’s Face Palette is the way to go. Not to mention it’s on sale for £3 right now, which only means I will have to stock up for the foreseeable future because this baby will be discontinued.

The super palette

The super palette

It’s got four great eye shadows that wake up the weariest of eyes (for those like me who work early shifts and there’s no time for the full shebang in the morning, this is perfect to give some color to your face before everyone else gets in). It’s got white, black, sparkly bordeaux (I obviously totally made up that name but you can totally do the vamp thing for after work drinks) and lavender. The cheek blush is a medium rosy pink. The two lip polishes (quoi?) are pink and plum and they have the magic property of even moisturizing these two cracked stones I call my lips. Of course as with everything in life I use the lip polish sparingly, a stain only, more of a vague smudge. Additionally one finds a double sided applicator for eyes and lips and a lovely mirror.


The only negatives I could come up with are:

1)it just feels like the color holder is shallow and there’s not much to go on but so far I’ve been wrong and I’ve been making sweet face with this palette for over a month and

2) there’s no bloody brush for the blush, so when I smear the color with the eye shadow applicator, it looks like a child played on my face.

But alas I love this palette so much, I am suffering from withdrawal.