Forgotten ones Lorenzy Palanca Frimousse d’Or

Frimousse d'Or Lorenzy Palanca

Lorenzy Palanca is one of those long forgotten French houses that used to be rather big in France and nearby colonies in the beginning of the 20th century. They were especially known for their soaps and Ebay mostly has soap labels. They only have one shop left in Marseille, which I hope to visit one day and maybe find out more info about the history of this house, but I suspect it doesn’t have many ties with the original company which went bankrupt in 1930 according to Cleopatra’s Boudoir guide on Ebay.

Close of label for Frimousse d'Or Lorenzy Palanca

I found this beauty – Frimousse d’Or  (1929) translated as ‘Golden Sweet Face’ – at a London vintage event, Frock Me, and I instantly loved the bottle and the color of whatever it is inside. The lid is stuck really well so I don’t have much hope to ever find what the green juice smells like. I have a feeling it’s been replaced with something else. Anyone has any info on what it’s supposed to smell like?

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