French pharma

Those French micellar watersI love my French products. Check out these babies.

Bioderma just started being available in the UK at John Bell & Croyden located in Marylebone London. I got my precious two bottles back in Romania where every Sensiblu pharmacy stocks them. Can’t complain so far – I alternate between the sensitive skin one and the mixed complexion one and they do the job just fine.

Avene thermal spray is just amazing even during the crappy English summers when it’s not exactly stifling but it can get hot. A spray or two will do the trick for your energy levels. Or surprise your spouse while they least expect it.

Nuxe is just great. I love their Aroma Perfection mattifying fluid that primes the face for the foundation. The Creme Fraiche de Beaute can be used not only as a light cream with a beautiful honeysuckle scent, but as a face massage aid (I do slap myself from time to time for treatment purposes only).

Klorane and Vichy are new members of the French pharma family in my beauty kit and so far they’re equally effective. I might have missed a few cousins hiding in various drawers but how many is too many really?