Hell yeah, GlamGlow mud mask

You won’t find someone happier to slap mud on her face and expect the best. This eagerness (or lack of repulsion) stems from a long tradition of Communist-era approved mud baths resorts where mostly everything could be cured by a little piggy playtime. I hadn’t smeared myself with clay in ages before attempting the GlamGlow mask (or with its full name Youthmud™ Tinglexfoliate Treatment) so was a bit curious. Will it start tightening up my face? Will it smell up to the high heavens? Will it crack if I emote and fall all over my floor? Will it work at all?

glamglow2 glamglow4

Let me tell you,  it was a revelation in every sense. That tiny pot has some kaboom in it. The mud looks grey at first glance but it looks green once you put it on and then it dries to ashen grey. As you dutifully try to cover most corners of your face, the mud dries quickly with a tingle that veers more towards playful pinch. Let me tell you, this mask slaps the bitch right out of your face, so to speak.


As you apply the mud, your nose is hit by the most invigorating scent, a mixture of a green citrus with herbs, with a hint of verbena. It was way relaxing.

Bitch face out, smooth face in

After a glorious 15 minutes, I washed it away easily and my skin was as smooth as a baby’s bald head. That vigorous initial pinch was totally worth it. And with ingredients such as volcanic rock, clay, and green tea, no wonder it was a seismic experience. The hype is real, the results are real. If only I could install one of those vats full of it in my apartment, I’d be walking around slathered in in every day.

You can buy it from Cult Beauty and Marks & Spencer  in UK for £49.99 a pop.