L’Artisan Parfumeur Explosions d’Emotions

Artisan Parfumeur Explosion D'Emotions

When L’Artisan Parfumeur goes big, it goes huge. Explosions d’Emotion, their new-ish trio line launched in September 2013, are a dancehall orchestra that have edgy fun and keep it on the classy side at the same time.  They all play variations of the same tune, a lustful joy, a walk on the wild side, a toe dip into a steamy geothermal spring. Let’s investigate.

Skin on Skin. The dirtiest of the three. Iris pouring out through all pores, punctuating a night of passion. It smells of ink spilled on a lover’s letter, whiskey left in a glass midway through a nightcap, leather leather, skin skin, a bit of sour lavender from his cologne, a bit of oily rose form hers, mixing together with salty droplets of perspiration.  It’s all a bit magic and strong. I would wear this if I wanted to make an impression, probably if I wanted to come across as a bit scary. This fragrance would do it for me. I’d wear this to the moon and back but not at the office.

Deliria – does what it says on the label, induces a sort of smell delirium, suggesting a whirlwind trip at a fun fair. There is a certain sweetness to it that comes and goes, first like the sharp candy floss that jolts your teeth, then a rounder, crisper sweetness of an apple dipped in caramel. The other constant throughout is the metallic ring that alternates between dusty-rusty and frozen sharp. This one is a battle of the wills, do you go to safety or danger? Do you go on the rides or do you gorge yourself on what the earth has to offer? It’s a mad mad decision, because taking it all in leads to a feverish sweat. Interesting smell, but I bet it subconsciously throws people off around its wearers.

Amour Nocturne – another illicit sort of encounter, frantic and feverish. This is one of those skin scents that gives off an aura of satisfaction, modeled by what I assume is the head space of bedsheets after an amorous encounter. A whiff, a suggestion of lovers’ delight which starts off with the strangest note – they say it’s hot milk and caramel. I detest milk at any temperature and I can attest this doesn’t smell of it. I smell sweet fennel. They say there’s a note of gunpowder. I agree on that front. This whole pickles additive explodes into dust thing works. It’s not the most wearable fragrance, but it’s highly sniffable.

The trio is housed in an especially designed bottle that is similar but not identical to the regular collections. They go for £135 at the L’Artisan Parfumeur website.