Laura Mercier Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide

LM foundation ecru

OK, Laura Mercier, give it up. Is Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide an alright-length name? Does it convey what the product actually is to the layperson? I don’t think so.  With that rant out of the way – it’s a foundation by the way – let’s get to the bread and potatoes. Does it do what it’s supposed to do and does it do it well?

In a word yes. Disclaimer: in a longer sentence – yes, but you might need to use the LM foundation primer beforehand. I never put it on without smoothing out the bumps and imperfections, so I wouldn’t know how it interacts with my skin without it. I wouldn’t even want to know.

So this is a liquid foundation which covers smoothly all the nooks and crannies. It is easily manageable, sinks in properly and goes on uniformly, just don’t forget to blend at the jaw line. To top it all off, coverage lasts all day, ALL DAY, which is amazing for us lazy people who have places to go to and people to meet. And you can choose from 24 shades. Mine is Ecru  in the pics.

LM foundation plop (1 of 1)

It’s apparently separated into its components in the tube and you need to shake it well to mix it before squeezing it out. You don’t need a lot, but it’s hard to control the amount that comes out. I for one am extremely curious to see what it looks like unshaken. They should have made the tube transparent for those of us who are still 7 years old on the inside.

The product’s one downside is the lack of SPF, but that can be easily addressed by another cream/lotion in your cabinet. I use my Murad religiously after I saw the horrendous sun pigmentation under UV light on one of those skin consultation machines.

Urban Retreat has this for £34. Nab yourself the primer too provided cash flow allows it.

Et voila!

LM me with foundation on portrait (1 of 1)