At London fast beauty salon ‘Blow,’ one can say ‘This Works’

The wind of beauty Blow this way

London is coming around to round the clock beauty. New salon Blow based in Covent Garden aims to give women on the go the polish they need to start the day on a confident note. The company offers blow-dries, make-up looks and manicures in 30 minutes or under (depending on the treatment). You can even get two done at the same time if you’re in a particular rush. And you can pick up some of the products you loved on your way out. The charges are reasonable and the results great as you will see in a second.

This Works line-up for the 15 minute facial

Their newest treatment is the facial titled ’15 minutes to glow’ with a little help from This Works products.  First my skin was cleansed thoroughly but gently with a Clean skin 5-in-1 water after which a no wrinkles time dose mask was applied for 10 minutes or so. This was definitely the star of this lineup as it’s supposed to smooth out the skin, reduce the wrinkles and give you a magnificent glow depending on the amount of time left to act on the skin. While the cream was stewing on my face, the lovely beautician massaged my hands with perfect hands intense moisture cream, a product smelling of roses with an impressive sillage and longevity (my hands left a trail of roses throughout the next day).  After the mask was removed, my face was moisturized with the multi-talented product in transit camera close-up.

Honestly my face was a dry mess and I didn’t expect much to happen. But let me tell you, much did happen. My face looked pretty great afterwards with no make-up on. My face looked pretty great the next morning when I woke up at 5, and throughout the day. My foundation mixed better, my cheeks were glowy and smooth. I don’t know if it was the mask alone or a combination of the three products used, but as long as the result were there, who cares really? The treatment is  already available at Blow for £15 (a steal in this day and age of luxury bespoke super tailored personalized beauty treatments!).

After that went without a hitch, I decided to get my face done too – one can chose between three looks and I went for the Evening Face. The beauty consultant used Laura Mercier foundation, eye color, eye pencil and lipstick, Eyeko mascara and Kett blush. You can see the result below. Simple, quick and appropriate for many occasions.

With plans for the salon to expand (yes please, closer to my office), it’s about high time London caught up with New York in terms of convenient and affordable grooming.

Look at me, fresh out of a Blow makeover