Marni the perfume – you’re killing me

I am very conflicted about this Marni perfume. On the one hand I want to love it. It’s, after all, the first fragrance from a very irreverent fashion house. The bottle is cute. The expectations are high.  So let me put it this way.

Smelling Marni on my skin is like going out with your coolest friends on a rooftop party in Manhattan. You feel like an adult. It’s all so seductive and playful.  You’re all having fun. Carnation, Rose and Pepper come on strong and you enjoy their wiles every second of it. Yet there’s someone sulking in the corner because they’ve gotten everyone together for this party, facilitated access and no one seems to pay attention to them…Musk.  So Musk gets a little drunk and after a while starts picking fights with people. Cardamom tries to calm it down. Nothing works, Musk gets more and more irritable and starts pushing people around until it horrifically throws down the elevator shaft every single one of them, standing the lone victor in a fight with no cause starring me in the face.

Funnily enough, it made me think of the other famous Marnie: Hitchcock’s unstable heroine who leaves a trail of lies and deceit behind her every move.

To give it the benefit of the doubt, that’s what happens on my skin, which tends to eat the good smells and radiate musk whenever a perfume has it laid thick in its basenotes (the bottom notes for Marni listed are patchouli, incense, vetiver and cedarwood – none of them manifest themselves in anyway on me – just bloody musk).  What a shame really because I love love love the first half an hour or so. It just smells chic and grown up and I want it to last forever.

Find this EDP at Harrods for  £68 (60ml) and£95 (120ml)

PS: I see a lot of you search for “marni perfume sample.” I will give my sample to someone who wants it. Just write in the comment section why you’d like it.