Molton Brown Mahina review

“Mahina Mahina Mahina, ti voglio al piu’ presto sentire l’odore. ” OK, so for non-Italian speakers that made no sense. Doesn’t matter, it paraphrases an old love song; it basically says I want to smell Mahina as soon as possible.

Molton Brown's new stress buster perfume Mahina.

Molton Brown’s new stress buster perfume Mahina.

UK high street brand Molton Brown’s new perfume, Mahina, part of the Navigations Through Scent series, is a wonderful, refreshing revelation. I hadn’t gotten my hopes up before trying it on, as I hadn’t been vaguely impressed by their previous attempts at artisanal fragrance. MB’s deft hand at functional scents aside (where are you Lili Pili?), this was probably going to be boring considering the rest of their unisex tepid line, or so I thought.

The whole current collection with the smelling flowers. That's what I call them.

The whole current collection with the smelling flowers. That’s what I call them.

Tah dah, step in Mahina, a pensive lady with a tiare flower in her dark hair who just finished making a lime vanilla cheesecake and decided to take a walk in her greenhouse. Perhaps there she met her freshly shaven lover who gave her a peck on the cheek.  The scent is elegant without being opulent, and head turning without bearing its skin too much. You know, like that demure beauty you can’t stop stealing glances to, but whose icy posture just keeps all the leering away.

mahina1 mahina3

Mahina is a region on the island of Tahiti, a place where tiare flower (the Tahitian Gardenia) is queen. You’ve probably seen depictions of the flower in Gauguin’s paintings, because he lived in Tahiti for a while.  Mahina takes its cue from tiare and brings it into an accord familiar enough for a Western nose, yet just out of reach.

Mahina will be £60 for 50ml.

Top notes: ylang ylang and orange blossom

Middle: Tiare, frangipani and jasmine

Basenotes: vanilla and cedarwood