My A/W 2013 London Fashion Week: Rihanna, Westwood, Temperley, Burberry


This past weekend I popped my London Fashion Week cherry with the A/W 2013 season. It was exhilarating, frustrating and sometimes downright exhausting. One thing I learned: it’s a hustle from start to finish. Another thing I learned: fashion photography is damn hard if you’re just starting to practice it. And a third thing I learned: always take your camera (gems missing here because of this lesson not learned – Burberry and Tom Ford).

OK, I’ve learned a lot of valuable things, such as Anna Wintour doesn’t have time to wait for you, they’d just let anyone in at the Burberry show (kidding but it was mighty packed, half of them Asian media), plans are made to be broken, Rihanna and/or her people don’t think much of the media (but we already knew this after the press on the plane debacle), not many celebrities go to LFW, models are really skinny, everyone is really tall, Karlie Kloss is cute, people go really crazy about clothes, some of the collections were amazing. I still don’t get the Cara Delevingne hype.

Safe to say, better luck next time.