Narciso Rodriguez finds the sweet spot. Again.

So milky you want to drink it.

So milky you want to drink it.

Narciso Rodriguez, the designer whose perfume swayed millions of noses with his clean musky debut in 2003 has thrown another smell bomb in the mix.  This is also an immediately affecting scent that leaves its mark in your nose like a non-violent version of shrapnel. Simply named Narciso, the new fragrance has all chances of taking the baton from Narciso Rodriguez For Her as the brand’s most successful beauty product. The bottle is a cube painted white on the inside. Very matchy to the fragrance inside.

The sweet lactonic purrs on the skin with affection. It’s one of those aromas that don’t beg for your attention but you give it willingly. Master perfumer Aurélien Guichard managed to strike an unusual balance between lovely creaminess, tender gardenia and a ghostly musk that underlies the foundation. The cedar is there too in drips and drops but I couldn’t find any vetiver.

However, the real star of the collection is Narciso Musk, the oil version of the perfume. It lasts on skin much longer, it projects better, making you simply irresistible to your own nose. It’s also more expensive but worth it.

As it was revealed in Chandler Burr’s fascinating look into the perfume industry, “The Perfect Scent,” the designer, just like his pal Sarah Jessica Parker, is famously a musk hound. That I am OK with. Now if only he stopped giving all his scents and their flankers (?) similar names, that, that I would really appreciate.

Narciso can be found at in 30, 50 and 90ml  starting from £37. A total bargain for that juice.

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