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I must confess I had an unhealthy obsession with Guy Bourdin about a decade ago when the V&A put on an exhibition of his works. I had never heard of him before and waltzed into the place with no idea what was about to hit me: ’80s fashion photography with a magical moody twist. I am the first to admit that era was cheeeeesy when it came to hue clashes, bouffantness, perm fondness, high waistedness and a few other things. But Bourdin had captured a certain je ne sais quoi of those times, a sort of fashionable woman teetering on the brink of death/loneliness.

nars bourdin

When I heard NARS was coming with a Guy Bourdin collection, I didn’t realize it was going to be so popular. Most of the items had gone within a month of the launch in November 2013 and many were being sold for four-fold the retail price on ebay. Crazy! I managed to catch the Larger Than Life Long-wear Eyeliner set, whose box had my favorite photo by Bourdin – the girl with blue make-up amid a sea of black umbrellas, probably one of his most copied as well.  The box contains a nice black bag with two hearts on it and eye pencils in 5 shades: Via Appia (sparkle brown), Blue Dahlia (cobalt blue), Via Veneto (black), Santa Monica Blvd (white) and Most Wanted (violet). They’re highly pigmented, long lasting and soft in texture. The only drawback is that the pencils are smaller than those in the regular collection, so I’ll probably run out soon – especially of the Blue Dahlia.

Get on ebay now.

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