One mask to rule them all

Cold cold cold and wind everywhere until recently. Dry and dull skin. What to do? Well, slap on a mask and call me darling. I’ve got mixed complexion, so a greasy T-zone and dry-ish cheek hollows and bones. I’ve tried some of the most hyped masks so you don’t have to shell out. They were tested at least twice to see whether initial results were replicated.

Sanctuary Spa, Rose heating mask – this one is a two parter, first you put the  and then you add the rose clay which is warm at first contact with the creamed up face. After a few seconds the heat fades away leaving you only with a rosy scent. Face is all nice and plum afterwards.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, Anti-ageing – gentle white mask that smells like papaya. Add a layer to face and wait 15 minutes. The pleasant juicy smell lulls you into relaxation. Skin bursting with excitement. It feels slightly greasy after removal but then all that remains is a plump face and the vague scent of fruit.

GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment – is not as aggressive as its twin sister GlamGlow Mud Mask, as in it doesn’t tingle at all after you put it on, but it does the job just as well. I actually felt like it even blanched my skin, or maybe it just made the dark spots more visible. In any case a great mask.

Una Brennan Neroli Firming Mask – transparent gel that forms a film on your face. The neroli scent keeps you from forgetting it’s there. As I stupidly left in on for 25 minutes as opposed to the recommended 15, my face burned for a while after cleaning it away. It did leave the skin smooth and firm so there’s that.

Sisley Black Rose – this has been praised in every magazine, blog and every corner of the universe that publishes beauty reviews. As an old saying goes where I’m from “Don’t take a sack with you to the tree everyone’s praising.” (makes no sense in English but it basically means anything that is over-hyped will disappoint you) The pale pink mask smells of dark rose, a bit of licorice mixed with a bit of indole just to put you slightly on the edge. After 15 minutes or so, when removed, my skin felt smoother. I squeezed three tries out of the sample (cheeky? economical?) and every time it got better. One must thoroughly cleanse afterwards as this mask tends to stick to the face, a bit like a second layer of skin.

Omorovicza mud mask – a wonderful mud mask with an intriguing scent (seriously, every time I tried to put my finger on it, it slipped away, the scent not the mask), leaves you plump and fresh like a baby’s bottom. Highly recommended.

So all of them cleanse your face as they say they would. None seem to be better than the others and the only thing your decision rests is the scent of the mask and the price.

I can’t believe I got a mango instead of a papaya for the Elemis pic. What a derp moment!

Sisley Black Rose Mask  is £90 for 60ml at Harrods. Where else?

Omorovicza Deep Cleaning Mask is £57 for 50 ml at Liberty.

GlamGlow Super-Mud Clearing Treatment is £45 for 34g at Harvey Nichols.

Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, Anti-ageing is £28.50 for 50ml at House of Fraser.

Sanctuary Spa Time Reversal Face Mask is £13.27 for 75ml at Sanctuary Spa.

Una Brennan Superfacialist Neroli Lifting Treatment Mask is £7.33 (as opposed to RRP £10.99) at Boots.