Penhaligon’s playful fragrance Tralala

Penhaligon's Tralala

You can’t dislike Tralala, at least I don’t see how you can. It’s the perfume equivalent of one of those affectionate cats with violet eyes that you can’t shake off your lap. But it smells like  a whole different animal.

Penhaligon’s have their share of hits under their belt and on their shelves, but they’re not what you’d call an edgy house like say, Etat Libre d’Orange. What they dared or imagined, unlike other companies, is collaborating with fashion brands on London Fashion Week, scenting a show here and there.  One of these collaboration, with contemporary brand Meadham Kirchhoff paid off some dividends in the shape of magnificent nose troll, Tralala.

It’s not shy, it’s not quiet but it has a certain calming quality. I don’t know, maybe they put some psychedelics in that bottle because every time it hits my nose, it feels like a dose of good disposition, dreaminess and sexiness all rolled into one big gulp of oriental aromatic. Maybe it’s the boozy quality, maybe it’s the melodious spices, maybe it’s that fanciful red velvet bow strangling that funny face of a cap. The effect is an immediate state of giddy. The doctor couldn’t recommend anything better.

Notes listed include aldehydes, saffron, whiskey and violet, leather, tuberose, incense, carnation, patchouli, myrrh, opoponax, musk.

You can find it at Penhaligon’s website – £150 for 100ml, and many other department stores that carry it.