Penhaligon’s Regent St. store makeover

 Most of you will have heard the name Penhaligon’s, a respected English perfumery that has launched many classics since its foundation in 1870. They recently finished redesigning their flagship store on London’s Regent Street and what a surprise that was. Before the change, the store maintained a similar style to its sister boutiques, old apothecary style wood paneling, darker and slightly intimidating.

The makeover, conceived by South African-born designer Christopher Jenner, is a modern take on Edwardian architecture in a Beaux Arts style interpretation according to the press release. I see it more of a Moroccan sultan’s dream with baroque aspirations.  The attention to detail is impeccable: Brighton Pavillion chandeliers in the shape of the brand’s iconic bottle and in the Penhaligon purple, ribbons in the wood panels.

At Wednesday night’s launch delicious chocolates from Aneesh Popat were served.

Two of their best selling perfumes, Endymion and Artemisia, had taken center stage as a sort of prelude to Valentine’s Day. However, I was obsessed with taking pictures of Love Potion No.9. I just love that color. I also love the super cheesy film with Sandra Bullock. Think what you want.