Pür Minerals, now mattifying your face in UK

Having tried pressed powder as concealer before that barely made a dent on my game face, the expectations for Pür Minerals weren’t high but merely meh. Meh was just going to fly around its container making a mess and then it was going to sit on top of my skin stubbornly refusing to blend in or just make a joke out of my big, sad pores.  Coverage you say? Mwhahaha, I shall magnify your imperfections, not blend in and make you look yellower than you are.

But surprise! My 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF15 (what a mouthful!) did the unthinkable. It evened out my skin texture and tone, making my pores look smaller and covering redness after only a few brush strokes. The only tricky parts are the slightly bruisey-looking under the eye next to the nose areas where the brush can’t reach properly. So this foundation, concealer, powder and sunscreen is like a BB cream in mineral form. The product contains a Ceretin Complex that could be anything really, considering the amount of products listed on the back of the box (grape extract, mica, lecithin among other things). I particularly love the mention on the box “Drug Facts: sunscreen.” So is it a medicinal product too?

My match as a rather fair skinned, dark-haired person was Light/Clair.

You can find it at Marks and Spencer for £24. Because you’re worth it.