Rose, rose, rose – pureDKNY A Drop of Rose review

As previously stated, I am a big fan of rose in all its crazy, romantic, buoyant shapes. Powdery, fruity, animalic rose, I’m there. So pureDKNY’s latest foray into pure interpretations of various flowers/plants (after vanilla and verbena) doesn’t leave me cold.

A drop of Rose

A Drop of Rose is just that, a clean rose water that radiates sweetness. The slight powderiness just gives it that air of class that we all strive for when scenting ourselves for a night out. Not as deep/smoky as Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy Girl, nor as cheekily tangy as Stella McCartney’s Stella, this is a thoroughly American perfume in the sense that you feel you chose transparency over dirty. The Turkish rose is the unassuming star of the show here, an actor with no ego in the limelight, but only with the love of the craft. It’s very serious but not dramatic. A ‘Waiting for Godot’ of the roses, because it feels linear on my skin.  Probably Luca Turin would describe it as ‘Catholic school rose,’ cute, proper, caged.

The tulip was a color and texture substitute OK?

The tulip was a color and texture substitute OK?

You’ll probably see it as very low key at first glance, because of its modest upbringing: the box comes in a dull beige and the pink aluminum bottle cap is not pretending to be reinventing the wheel. The reason is, this is an eco friendly perfume. Yay! The carton is bio-degradable and it’s “made in facilities powered by renewable energy using materials sources in managed forests,” according to their press release, while the rest is recyclable.

pure dkny3

In conclusion it’s a lovely rose that you can wear for any occasion. My only gripe with it is that it fades away from skin rather quickly.

Get it from 3rd February from places like House of Fraser and Harrods. 100ml bottle of edp is £69.