Rose with a Broken Neck by Strange Invisible Perfumes – or how to make a killer fragrance

Rose with a Broken Neck

Don’t be fooled by your first whiff of Rose with a Broken Neck. Your first reaction will probably be to recoil instinctively. Not because it smells disgusting or because it’s too heavy-handed. It simply smells of murder, you can smell the metal of the knife and taste the blood. Even if this rose had its neck broken due to jumping from a high altitude, I think it was also stabbed. What a way to go, eh?

I’d say it’s vaguely similar to ELDO’s Secretions Magnifiques in a round about way – these two belong on a Scorpio, a star sign which brings about obsession with sex and death. Whereas one scent celebrates life in its seedier, carnal aspects with synthetic molecules, the other evokes a fragrant death with botanical essences. Perhaps that’s the most disturbing part about Rose… – it comes straight from mother nature, which found it in its heart to murder a poor, innocent rose. The mix of rose, vanilla, nutmeg, vetiver, palo santo and white cognac is visceral. Before I start meandering into deeply non-philosophical matters, I have to mention the metallic, perhaps slightly indolic aspect (the white cognac?) calms down after 10 minutes tops and a wonderful sweet rose blossoms away – a Phoenix-like rebirth – again Scorpio through and through.

Rose with a Broken Neck

Strange Invisible Perfumes is an indie botanical fragrances maker based in California. As this is my first taste of their range and I have no way to put it in a context, I’d go out on a limb and say perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis is brilliant. The name and the scent totally go hand in hand and considering they have a zodiac collection they haven’t completed, I strongly suggest this limited edition for their Scorpio.

Unfortunately this is only available at their boutique in Venice, California, not online, so if you’re around, go play detective.  Eau de parfume  - 50ml for $350.