See by Chloé review

Group photo for Chloe, smile!

See by Chloé has been the French brand’s youthful offshoot since 2001, but this is the first time the company launches a fragrance under this aegis.  It hasn’t even been one of those fashion houses that smothers you in launches and flankers until you can’t be breath from their ‘fumes up until about 2008.  Between the first Chloé perfume (’75), the second Narcisse (’92) and the third Innocence (’96) many years have passed, but after its re-issue of Chloé in 2008 things seems to have been accelerating in their fragrance division (and why wouldn’t they? the market is worth billions yearly).


I wasn’t a particular fan of Chloé (new) – it had a sort of screechy rose that I just couldn’t love, a detergenty drydown that made me feel like a piece of  fancy laundry that got put in the ‘common’ washing basin by mistake. Cute bottle though.

Love, Chloe - it's the truth

The one that really hit the right spot for me was Love, Chloé, the sort of delicious sweet rose powdery creation that goes on the fanciest of vanity tables. On a scale of young to mother, this works for everyone, the girl who wants to feel grownup, the romantic young lady and the woman who needs to feel pampered.  All that powderiness could have felt old damey, but in the expert hands of Louise Turner and Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, it blossoms into a confident, seductive fragrance.

See by Chloe bottle

Why is she in her underwear?

Why is she in her underwear?

Which brings us to their 2013 launch See by Chloé, which is a bit of a bizarre beast.  It’s obviously meant for the young market, whose more or less directed tastes have hovered in the fuitchuly area for a decade or so. See does not take that route at all. It’s got a soapy/laundry note underwriting its structure but it’s different than the predecessors. That’s maybe meant to pacify the seekers of ‘clean’ scents, but Michel Amairac walks a fine line between safe and intriguing. The vanilla gives it a playful twist and the sandalwood enriches its layers.  Now, with a bottle that gorgeous (and dangerous too, grenade anyone?), I’m tempted to shell out too. Chloé, Chloé, Chloé, you might just become a sensational house in the long run.

See by Chloé can be found for 15% less than market price at Escentual. £33.15 – £54.40. And you get a nice makeup bag with any appropriate purchase over £40.