Surprising scents – Donna Karan Mandarin Neroli

Donna Karan Mandarin Neroli

I have a confession to make. When it comes to scents , I’ve fallen into the snob’s trap of subconsciously dismissing out of hand anything that comes from a mainstream designer. Case in point: Donna Karan. Although Cashmere Mist and Chaos are on the hit list of many aficionados, I wouldn’t say the rest of her range comes up very often in online scent conversations. Even the ubiquitous So Delicious doesn’t get a second glance, as its popularity remains stable among the  ’civilians.’

Enter Mandarin Neroli.  This is like adrenaline in a bottle. Sniff it once, you can replace your first espresso. Sniff it twice, the world is yours. It’s a pity the top notes of succulent mandarin, freshalicious neroli and zesty bergamot don’t last longer as the thread unravels from high pitched citrus into a smooth herbaceous aroma. Like a quick burning fire, the initial flames fan out the panic and die down into a heap of smouldering embers. It keeps close to the skin but it’s a nice summery kick for those suffering from the winter blues.

Get it for £85 from Harrods. Looks like it’s sold out at Neiman Marcus online.