Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud review

Terryfically orange

I must admit that I was very curious when I heard that Terry de Gunzburg’s newest addition to her 2012 line was going to be an oud. These ouds appear like snails after the rain, everywhere you go you might step in one. But how good they are individually, that is another question. It’s got to be the faddest of  the fads…

But Terry de Gunzburg Terryfic Oud takes it up a notch, this mysterious, hard to comprehend ingredient and  slaps it together with its other exotic, close to being extinct in the wild cousin – sandalwood. It’s a sweet, creamy and milky sandalwood, that gorges itself in the darker notes of the oud, tampers them, bringing out an exquisitely gourmand quality. These two notes playfully obscure the presence of everyone else around: cedar patchouli, labdanum, castoreum, amber and musk. The fragrance almost glows incandescently – it’s a show-stopper that leaves a nice sillage and has good longevity. And the ladies looooove it. Can’t tell you how many asked me what I am wearing.

How Terryfic is that golden glow?

The thing about this Terryfic Oud, it’s like a booming echo of Lutens’ Santal Majuscule – at least on me, the same carnal, creamy sandalwood takes center stage and holds everyone’s gaze (or nose in this case). The oud makes this one a darker rendition of the same narcotic, hypnotic idea.

For the factually curious, it was composed by Jean-Michel Santorini from Robertet.

In conclusion, shell out for this gorgeous bottle because it’s worth it. You can find it exclusively at Harrods for £135.

How Terryfic is this bottle?