The witching hour

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I love finding scents that have the smallest twinge of a magic touch. That doesn’t just include beautiful, mysterious perfumes, but also those that just look you in the eyes and say “I know some spells. Wanna see?” You’d obviously tell me I have no business smelling perfumes if I started imagining them talking to me. I’d obviously retort, “If they don’t speak to you, what’s the point then?”

Shay and Blue are a relatively new indie perfumerie based in London and founded by Dom De Vetta.  And they have the one of the witchiest fragrances on the market in their collection.

Atropa Belladonna smells of poisonous herbs and cauldron mixes. Belladonna is another name for the beautiful-looking Night Shade, a berry that once ingested in a small quantity can kill a grown person. Thank God, the perfume doesn’t dose you to death, it just confers its wearer an aura of mysterious herbal roguishness. It’s a bit sweet with a threat of poisoning.

Another one of my favorites in the same vein is Annick Goutal’s Mandragore Pourpre (purple mandrake). It’s an easy anise scent that can be loved even by licorice haters like me. It sparkles and  fizzles and gives you a boost from its otherworldly freshness. The mint, star anis, aromatic herbs and spices blend with amber to a comforting effect.

In contrast, Icelandic artist Andrea Maack’s Coven is a unisex fragrance that brings on the intense aromas of a forest’s moss carpet, mixed with wet earth (soil tincture) and dry wood. It’s an interesting study in contrasting sensations – wet/dry, fresh/almost suffocating. It’s primal and a bit malevolent. Annick Goutal’s Nimfeo Mio is the closest that comes to the herbaceousness of Coven but it’s a much more innocent scent. Not easy to wear, but it’s best taken out  for a spin if you’re in the business of making statements.

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