Timothy Dunn – a great new home scenting brand

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OK, he’s not that new. He’s been recently introduced into the Liberty hall of fame. OK, not so recently, within the last year. Timothy Dunn is a celebrity florist who created his line of home fragrances – candles and reed diffusers. While I initially thought his products smelled alright but were a bit pricey for a relative no-name in the fragrance game, I changed my tune after randomly buying one of his candles.

Myrrh Imperial is a frankincense and sandalwood candle – an absolute beauty in a similar vein to Cire Trudon’s Ottoman, just heavier on the spices. Not too heavy, as to not put people off, but sweet ambery and luxuriously appealing. It’s got the most bang for your buck I’ve ever seen. I burns cleanly, no asymmetrical wax residues and good wick. And it’s got a great projection around its space and good longevity.

Other items I’ve eyed for the future are Samarkand, Violette de Lune, and Blue Rose. Watch this space, or better yet, smell this space.

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