Tom Ford Lips and Boys lipsticks and some other Fatale business

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Tom Ford is probably responsible for half my eBay searches. Thank god he’s not responsible for half my beauty purchases. That would cost an INSANE amount of money. I would walked crippled by guilt for spending so much on lipstick/perfume.

But that’s the point of going to a trip to New York and deciding the exchange rate is so good that you’re getting a mega deal. Wrong wrong wrong. It’s the all the traveling hormones, so to speak, telling you everything is so much better (?) cheaper (?) more glamorous (?) in this other country.

Long story short, Venus is at Macy’s and decides to blow her wad of cash on Violet Fatale, because it’s a freaking amazing purple that I’ve been wanting to get for ages. And it’s TF. So the pigment is fantastic, the color amazing, the packaging top notch etc. It’s also the permanent collection version of the Xavier lipstick in the new limited Lips & Boys line. In the store it looks purple in all the mirrors (clearly my brain is playing tricks on me.) By all calculations it’s cheaper than in UK. And then bam, bam, they add the New York sales tax – which I’d forgotten about because I always forget they add the tax on at the register and it doesn’t look as cheap anymore, but hey, I’ve already committed to my first TF lipstick. what the hell.

If that's violet I'll eat my hat

I get home and it’s not the purple my brain was clearly hallucinating, it’s intense fuchsia on my lips, the EXACT same hue as my By Terry lipstick. Still love it. It lasts for hours. But it’s damn expensive for not what I had wanted. All my fault really.

Now, the Lips and Boys limited edition lipsticks are a small 2g size, convenient to forget in your bag. Same packaging as the regular lipsticks but more on the go type of thing. They are only (only!?) £26 compared to full sized that are £37. Same high pigmentation, same packaging, more choice. Some are just colors from the main collection, but most are new, unique colors. Some like Olivier, Rory, Kyril, Casey and Stavros are quite editorial (read: not super wearable out and about, but just right for your delightful home cosplay) but most are modern, seductive hues.

For those who just can’t resist having a TF beauty item and they don’t want to splurge – splurge being a relative term anyway – check out the line at Selfridges.

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