Tory Burch perfume review

Tory Burch perfume

It’s got the style pat down. Those sharp angles, those golden locks, the clean edges, the perfectly groomed textures. We all know the WASP of the North. The pretty lady who lunches, who wants to be in with her equally pretty lady friends, who wears cashmere sweaters, possesses an enviable collection of stylish flats, has a house in the Hamptons, a job in fashion or media and a husband on Wall Street… you get the point.

Tory Burch’s first perfume is the embodiment of that lady – it’s nice and pleasant, doesn’t want to attract attention and projects an air of quiet dignity. Karyn Khoury from Estee Lauder probably fulfilled her brief perfectly – I can’t imagine Burch going all adventurous and edgy. Those high achieving ladies got their perfect fragrance that works for office, meetings, after-work drinks, family lunches and even parties.

On paper it opens with notes of grapefruit, pink pepper, currant buds and leaves, mandarin and neroli. I mean that’s a mouth full. The heart comes in with peony, tuberose, mimosa, jasmine, carrot seed and sweet alyssum, – none of which I can personally smell on my skin while the base of vetiver, cedar, sandalwood and white musk is also not happening on me. TB is a nice linear citrus in the vein of Marc Jacobs’ Daisy. I am sure it will be just as successful as this one because it goes both young and adult.

For this, Harrods is your man (of sorts) – starting at £60 for 50ml. That amazingly intricate cap, that perfectly cheerful box, it’s really hard to resist them.

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