Un Jour d’Hermès by Hermès review

un Jour d'Hermes

If the perfume world had its Walk of Fame, Jean-Claude Ellena would probably be its Tom Cruise, Steven Spielberg and Sandra Bullock all rolled into one and with a much longer career too. Go on any perfume blog, and you’ll find fanboys and fangirls (or more accurately fanmen and fanwomen) ready to present you with his masterpieces and rightfully so. From that sparkling gem First for Van Cleef & Arpels, to Hermès’ lineup of sheer fragrances, he’s carved a rich legacy of scents already and starred in a few books, some of them his own.

He’s known for the ease with which he communicates about perfume to laymen such as myself. And bon, ever since  he became Hermès’ in-house perfumer, I’ve taken a more active interest in the brand, bags, straps, fragrances an’ all.

With Un Jour d’Hermès, he goes on exploring making perfume into light. I’ve never experienced many perfumes before that I have a synesthesia reaction to, but Ellena’s always give me the impression of light and transparency whenever I smell them. It’s like walking through a diorama made from light and scent. Perhaps it’s fitting to bend time and space when you represent none other than the Greek god of transition, boundaries, who crosses the mortal world to the divine.  Un Jour d’Hermès is one such day of daydreaming (another way one can bend time and space), of  “finding countries behind the air,” as Ellena puts it.

I couldn’t find anything about the notes in the press materials but who needs that when you’ve got a nose? The scent starts brightly with a dash of sparkly citrus perhaps and then it settles into a gingerly floral, but not just any floral. It smells like that place in an older book where you’ve pressed a fresh dewy flower, perhaps a gardenia, perhaps a freesia, in the morning. It smells like something with history, but alive, not old and forgotten. For the book lovers and dreamers out there, this will be a comfort buy. For the stylish, an effortless choice.

You can buy it at selected department stores for:

EDP 30ml £47.50/€57.00

EDP 50ml £66.50/€80.00

EDP 85ml £91.00/€110.00

EDP 125ml Refill £88.50/€107.00

Photo by me taken on 25 February 2013, perfume sample is PR.