Vogue Japan and the cover cat

So last week I had the inspiration, YES, inspiration to go buy Vogue Japan (or Vogue Nippon as they call it) for the first time ever. I thought ‘How can I go wrong with Vogue Japan? There’s bound to be a lot of crazy stuff in it.” Not because they’re crazy mind you, never, but because the Japanese have a very whimsical sense of fashion and they’re not afraid to show it. After blowing £17 on VJ (yes that happened and I was fully aware), I realized a few things.

1. I cannot read Japanese

2. There’s a cat somewhere on the front cover (why?what?how?)

3. Most editorials show Caucasian girls dressed as they would be in any Vogue magazine, no more no less. Where are my Japanese ageless beauties?

4. They like Chanel a lot over there. Their beauty pictorial looks like a classy ad for Chanel. Inevitably?

5. The magazine is front to back! Heh

6. They have one article in English.

7. There are ALMOST NO ADS. How novel! So if you can read Japanese, there’s plenty of articles to read.

8. Which I can’t. Please whoever can translate my horoscope for me, gets a hug. So the £17 pretty much went for the fridge magnet sheet that came as a gift with the mag, which contained a random selection of images as seen below: a tabby cat, Victoriana, rose, parrot (?), green bow tie, a random pin-up girl, and of course the very Japanese pancakes with maple syrup.

In the end, mind still blown. And let me tell you, they can only top it up when (not if) they offer a real cat with each copy.vogue nippon1 vogue nippon fridge magnet